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Learn to dance and improve your lifestyle. Keep fit, meet new people, grow your confidence and have fun!
So why is Ceroc so great?

Every night we welcome complete Beginners so you’ll never be alone, and every class is suited to a range of different experience levels.
It’s social and easy to pick up, so the learning is FUN!

There is no need to bring a partner, so you get to meet, interact and socialise with everyone else in the room.
Our syllabus is designed so that missing a week will not set you back, so those with busy lifestyles or other commitments can learn and not feel left behind.

Our syllabus, devised by our very own Dance Education Specialist, will help you develop a range of different skills, applicable to all partner and solo dance styles, reflecting the requirements detailed in the Dance National Curriculum.
We are affiliated members of the IDJTA (International DanceSport Judges and Trainers Association) who oversee the quality of our syllabus and manage the high standard of our teacher training, so you are guaranteed the best dance nights on offer.
Ceroc is all Heart!

Forget tutus and spandex, Ceroc can get you fit, develop your dance ability and be great fun.
The British Heart Foundation agrees that a dance like Ceroc is a great way to stay in shape and can also help your heart. The aerobic effects of dance is great for overall fitness whilst the gentle impact of the turns and steps can actually help to protect against bone diseases, such as osteoporosis. Dancing energetically can also help to make you FEEL great too. Both exercise and music are mood enhancers, stress relievers and help promote a healthy and vibrant mind.

It’s not just all fun…you learn stuff too
The educational benefits you will experience are too many to mention!

Refined motor skills, improved co-ordination, balance, posture, rhythm and spatial awareness.
Increased aerobic capacity, strength, flexibility, mobility, stamina and muscle memory.
Make physical corrections and improvements through a series of hands-on adjustments, verbal/visual cues and guided self-appraisal.
Artistic expression, sequence choreography and improvisation, dynamic variation and musical interpretation, appreciation and appraisal.
Non-verbal communication, call and response, safety and sensitivity, contact work, social development.
All that contained in a varied and differentiated syllabus suitable for all educational, behavioural and physical needs.
Ceroc has developed over time with the changing demands of the National Dance Curriculum. Our syllabus has been devised by a Dance Education Specialist, built to develop a wide range of techniques and practices for anybody who is studying Dance GCSE or A-Level, or those who wish to pursue a career in the field of dance.

Ceroc has developed its own unique and versatile style; the skills you acquire are transferable to other partner dance styles (Jive, Salsa, West Coast Swing, Tango, Ballroom, Latin), solo dance styles (Jazz, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Street) and National Curriculum specifications (all Contemporary disciplines, Choreography, Expression and Dance Appreciation)

The Ceroc story

From the Eighties to the Noughties – A brief history of Ceroc

The first ever Ceroc event was hosted in 1980 in Porchester Hall by James Cronin. Over the next few years, the popularity of social partner dancing exploded across the London nightclub scene, mainly because lessons were so accessible and achievable for complete dance Beginners.
By the early 90s, Ceroc had spread across the entire UK and the Ceroc Teachers Association began to grow. The best teachers in the dance circuit went through rigorous training and assessment in order to host their own dance lessons and freestyles in their local area.
In the noughties, the reins of Ceroc were handed to Mike Ellard and membership figures climbed to 500,000. The Dance Department, under the new management of Tim Sant, a qualified school teacher and Dance Education specialist, was reinvented to bring the syllabus it in line with UK Dance curricula.
To this day, the Ceroc management team continue to scrutinise teaching methods, syllabus, dance movement and music styles to ensure members receive a full and varied educational experience in over 250 relaxed and social dance venues across the globe.

What to Expect?

Nervous? – Don’t be!

All Ceroc classes follow the exact same format. As soon as you get through the door, the teacher will welcome everybody onto the dance floor and you’ll all get partnered up.

Beginners Class
The night starts with a Beginners Class lasting 45 minutes. You will learn 3 simple moves that will start to develop your core skills and basic techniques. At the end of the lesson the DJ plays two or three tracks and you can practice and dance the moves you have just learnt with the people that you have met in the class.
We normally recommend that it takes about 6 beginners classes to master the basic moves, acquire key skills and feel comfortable to join in at Intermediate level. Don’t feel rushed though, you can step up whenever you want.

Intermediate Class
The Beginners Class is followed by the more challenging Intermediate class. In this 30 minute session you will learn 3 or 4 harder moves, each of which complimenting a different dance genre, and all designed to develop a specific dance technique or new skill.
Beginners PractiCe Session
Whilst the Intermediate class takes place, Beginners have the opportunity to get together in a group session led by a Taxi Dancer. This smaller session includes a review of the moves you have learnt earlier in the night, the opportunity to repeat the material to build confidence and muscle memory. It also provides a forum for discussion where you can ask questions, solve problems and perfect the various techniques explored throughout the evening.

After the Intermediate class and Practice Session conclude, your night takes off when the Ceroc DJ takes control for the ‘Freestyle Session’. This is a 1 – 2 hour period of pure uninterrupted Ceroc music creating a party atmosphere for you to practice and rehearse your new movement repertoire. Grab a drink and enjoy dancing the moves with as many people as you can.
Freestyle is improvised, so it gives you the opportunity to be creative and dance with different partners in the room. Dancing during the Freestyle really gives you chance to improve your Ceroc style and soak up the fun atmosphere… it’s addictive education!

What is Ceroc?


Learn more about the Dance Craze which has been sweeping the nation for 4 decades
Learning to dance with Ceroc is the fastest growing dance phenomenon in the country. Our fusion of a wide range of different dance styles is easy to learn, sociable and fun, and can be danced to any music with a regular beat.

Our varied classes are catered towards a range of different ability levels, from nervous first timer to dance floor master. Whether you turn up alone, with a partner or in a group, you will get the opportunity to dance with scores of other learners at our class nights.
So who will you meet at a Ceroc night?

Our Teachers are rigorously trained with our resident Dance Education expert and they specialise in people with 2 left feet. They are friendly, approachable and passionately dedicated to your learning experience. They are not as scary as you may first expect, and are more than willing to grab you for a dance and show you the ropes.

Our DJs play music ranging from 60s Motown, 70s Disco, 80s Rock, 90s Dance through to your current chart favourites. Have a favourite track? They’d be happy to try it out for you!
Our Taxi Dancers are a team of accomplished volunteers who provide assistance and advice exclusively for the Beginners. They will hold your hand every step of the way until you feel confident to progress to the next level.

Our Members are as passionate as they are diverse. From students to pensioners, our lessons attract anything between 30 and 250 people every single night of the week. With first timers at every single session, you will never feel out of your depth.

Whether your aim is to keep fit, specialise in a new skill, receive assistance with your Dance Qualification (GCSE/A-Level/Degree/PGCE) or simply let your hair down for the night, Ceroc is guaranteed to give you a night to remember.