Line dance at CEROC weekender

Solo Dancing

Last Updated on 7 December 2021

8th June 2020 – “Blinding Lights” Challenge – with Debs & Emily Attwood (Ceroc Groove). You’ve seen the TikTok challenge…now it’s your turn! Suitable for All Dancers…especially families! 

4th June 2020 – Ceroc Brighton line dance – with Tamara Brittain (Ceroc Evolution). Ceroc Brighton’s Tamara Brittain debuts on DIYP with a fun and easy to learn line dance. Suitable for All dancers.

1st May 2020 – Salsa Footwork TechniQue – with Jules Manning (Ceroc Fleet). Working through our dance technique footwork drills, this simple Salsa stroll explores more footwork and more rhythms that can enrich your solo and partnered freestyle. Suitable for All dancers.

29th April 2020 – “Boogie Tonight” Stroll – with Team Utopia. One from deep in the archives. You may choose to learn the stroll, you may choose to reminisce about how young we all once looked, you may choose to laugh at Vince. Whatever you go for, we hope you enjoy! Suitable for Intermediate dancers and above. 

28th April 2020 – Zouk Footwork TechniQue – with Amy Wong (CEROC France) Another solo technique class with the incredible Amy Wong, this time focussing on footwork and rhythms from Zouk. Suitable for All dancers.

21st April 2020 – Musical Phrasing! – with Debs Attwood (ceroc groove midlands)
Understanding 32 Beat and 48 Beat phrases in music allows dancers to start experimenting with musicality. Learn how to count them with Debbie and this simple footwork pattern, and then count along to your favourite tracks as homework!
Suitable for All dancers.

16th April 2020 – rock n roll stroll! – with Lyndsey Bennett & Andy Hill (ceroc south wales)
Sticking with the Swing theme, here’s your favourite Rock n Roller with a nice easy stroll for all abilities. Suitable for All dancers.

14th April 2020 – Cheeky Charleston – with Hayley Epps. Blast your favourite Swing tracks and give this solo Charleston a go. Easy to learn, fun to dance and a fantastic workout too! Suitable for All dancers.

Rockabilly Stroll – with Lyndsey Bennett (CEROC SOUTH WALES)

A super quick Rockabilly Stroll to get you sweating (for all the RIGHT reasons!)

Suitable for all dancers.

Body Rolls – with Chrissy Green & Wall Rycroft (so ceroc)

Grab a wall (or a friend) and get isolating in a much more aesthetically appealing way!

Suitable for all dancers.

Fireball line dance – with Tim Sant-Turner, Steph Oram & Terri Mclaughlin

An oldie, but still bloomin’ brilliant, and never fails to fill a weekender floor!

Suitable for all dancers.

ROCK IT! – with isabelle & Philipe Pesci (ceroc france)

Ceroc France bring a fun partner sequence, the theme dance of the last Ceroc Spring Weekender 2019. Taught in both English and French.

Suitable for All dancers.

Spinning 101 – with Tim Sant-Turner (ceroc London)

Breaking down the basics of spinning, Tim Sant-Turner hopes you will be whizzing round your tiled kitchens with these simple to achieve techniques. 

Suitable for All dancers.

Solo SambA Stroll – with Amy wong (ceroc france)

Amy delivers this fantastic Samba Stroll for all solo dancer to enjoy. It’s high energy, it’s a good challenge, but hey, what else are you gonna do today?!

Suitable for Intermediate dancers.

have fun, go mad, shake that line dance – with barry watson (ceroc south wales)

Barry has the ultimate challenge for you. The Have Fun, Go Mad line dance is a test for the brain as well as the body.

Suitable for Advanced Dancers.

Dance Monkey – with Dance monkey

Created at the start of 2020, The Dance Monkey line dance has been a big hit on the weekender dance floors at both Southport and Camber. 

Suitable for all dancers.

The Wobble –  with Debs Attwood (Ceroc Groove Midlands)

If you don’t know the Wobble…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? This simple 4 bar line dance is easy for all to achieve, and the gorgeous Debs shows you just how darn funky it can look. 

Suitable for All dancers.

‘scottia samba’ line dance – with ashley davis & kirsty robinson (ceroc heaven)

Channel your inner Latin God or Goddess with this fierce Samba Line Dance, courtesy of Ashley & Kirsty

Suitable for Intermediate Plus Dancers.

‘walking after midnight’ line dance – with barry watson (ceroc south wales)

Following great reviews after his first Line Dance, Barry has another challenge for all you solo stroll fans.

Suitable for Intermediate Dancers.

Sax line dance – with Tim Sant-Turner, Steph Oram & Terri Mclaughlin

An oldie, but still so well loved, and a real challenge for the body and the brain!

Suitable for all dancers.