COVID-19 update

Last Updated on 28 September 2021

Hooray! Based on the Dutch government guidelines as of 25th September 2021, we are allowed to start organising Ceroc social dancing in the Netherlands again, as long as we conform to the Basic Protocol Danssector.

Ceroc Leiden

Our amazing Ceroc teacher Ania is planning to start Ceroc in Leiden. To promote this we are thinking of organising an ‘outdoor freestyle‘ in Leiden, which we will invite all our members to, as soon as we have the date and location fixed.

Ceroc Amsterdam

In September 2019 we proudly launced Ceroc Amsterdam, the first Ceroc venue in the Netherland and for 6 wonderful months we saw our membership enjoying social dancing and growing on a weekly basis. This was all thanks to the hard work of the Ceroc Nederland Team and their love for social dancing. Unfortunately our Amsterdam based Ceroc teacher Micha, has found it to dificult to commit again to teaching Ceroc on a weekly basis. Whilst we are working on her replacement, we won’t be able to offer weekly Ceroc classes at the moment. However we will be organising freestyles and other social dancing events to get you back on the dancefloor in Amsterdam.

In the meantime please enjoy the on-line Ceroc UK classes, stay safe and well. We miss you and dancing with you, with love from the Ceroc Nederland team. Please contact us and let us have your thoughts/views.

The Basic Protocol Dancesector

To guide us, Dansondernemers Nederland has produced the Basic Protocol Danssector; this protocol has been drawn up by the dance sector-wide collaboration of sector and professional organizations, sports associations, training institutes and independent dance entrepreneurs, established in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, and is temporarily united under the name and is coordinated with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, MKB Nederland, VNO-NCW and the employees’ organization FNV. This protocol serves as a guide for the sector in the reopening of dance companies and dance activities. The government’s decision to reopen sectors and activities is leading. This protocol discusses a number of practical aspects concerning safety and hygiene that must be taken into account when companies reopen. This protocol can be adapted based on practical experience and is therefore a living document. At the reopening, entrepreneurs and employees and teachers are not bound by the impossible.

The protocol is written in Dutch and can be found here. Google translate makes it easy to produce a readable version in other languages.