COVID update

Last Updated on 30 October 2021

Based on the Dutch government guidelines as of 25th September 2021, we are allowed to start organising Ceroc social dancing in the Netherlands again and it is nice to know that people like yourself are as keen to start dancing again, as are we. However, we (the Ceroc Nederland Team) think that Covid is still a too bigger risk to our activity. If anyone of our still small team was to catch Covid; it would disrupt our events immediately and would most likely lead to last minute cancellations or even worse, the end of our dream to bring Ceroc to the Netherlands (again). Therefore we have decided to see how Covid cases develop over the coming Winter 2021/2022 and will not organise any life event until early in the New Year 2022. We’re very sorry, as we mis dancing as much as you and hope you understand our approach. In the meantime:

Ceroc Leiden

Our amazing Ceroc teacher Ania continues planning the start of Ceroc in Leiden. To promote this we are thinking of organising an ‘outdoor freestyle’ in Leiden, which we will invite all our members to, as soon as we have the date and location fixed.

Ceroc Amsterdam

In September 2019 we proudly launched Ceroc Amsterdam, the first Ceroc venue in the Netherland and for 6 wonderful months we saw our membership enjoying social dancing and growing on a weekly basis. This was all thanks to the hard work of the Ceroc Nederland Team and their love for social dancing. Unfortunately our Amsterdam based Ceroc teacher Micha, has found it too much to commit again to teaching Ceroc on a weekly basis. Whilst we are working on her replacement, we won’t be able to offer weekly Ceroc classes at the moment. However we will be organising freestyles and other social dancing events to get you back on the dancefloor in Amsterdam.

Whilst we wait for Covid cases to drop; please enjoy the on-line Ceroc UK classes, stay safe and well.

We love to hear fom you, contact us and let us have your thoughts/views.

With love from the Ceroc Nederland Team.