DIYP Beginners

10 routines, a wealth of moves for you to learn and enjoy. All these routines were recorded during various lockdowns. We hope to see you soon at our live classes.
Happy Dancing!

Ceroc Beginner Basics – Learn the Foundations

Everybody has to start somewhere, and when learning to dance with Ceroc, there are some key foundation skills that will help you when you learn any one of our moves.
Karen & Joe Toko kick start your Ceroc Beginner classes from home. Learn the Basic Step and all of the techniques that you need to be a confident and stylish dancer.

Beginner R2 – Basic Travelling Return- High First- Step Across

Charlie Brownlee & Kieran Moore release the first full Beginner routine. Revise the basics once more, learn some further skills to enhance your technique and style and start to grow your move repertoire.

Beginner R3 – Basic Octopus- Spot Turn- Manspin

Lyndsey Bennett & Andy Hill release the next Beginner lesson. Another routine of three moves for you to enjoy. Let us know how you are getting on!

Beginner R4 – Basic Manspin- Cerocspin- Shoulderspring

Ashley Davis & Kirsty Robinson release the next Beginner lesson. This time, learn 2 Right-Handed variations to extend your repertoire of moves and start experimenting with hand changes.

Beginner R5 – Basic Cradle- Manspin- Comb Mambo

Husband and wife team Tony & Hayley Epps release the next Beginner instalment for our enthusiastic newbies. 4 moves this time…so bring your thinking caps!

Beginner Routine 6 – Basic Travelling Return, Short Neckbreak, Comb Lean

Jo and Joe Hart release the next Beginner instalment for our budding newbies. You get to try your first Intermediate move in this routine. We hope you enjoy your first big challenge!

Beginner Routine 7 – Basic Manspin, Shouldersway, Catapult

Ruth Adamson and her fab daughter Eleanor release the next Beginner instalment for our budding newbies, and prove that you can even teach your kids to dance! Drag them away from the TV and get them active too!

Beginner R8 – High First Mambo- Travelling Block Turn- Accordion Cleaver

Another wonderful mother daughter duo, Kirsty Hayward and Chloe, release the next Beginner instalment for our budding newbies. Whoever is in your house, grab them for a spin, because you can’t be glum when you’re on the dance floor!

Beginner Routine 9 – Basket, Neckbreak, Yoyo

Our first trio of teachers, and 3 fabulous generations in one shot! Debbie Attwood, Daughter Emily and Grandson Logan are final proof that there is NO excuse not to enjoy your dancing!

Beginner Routine 10 – Basic Changing Places, Open Neckbreak, Shouldersway Switch

Jon Gammon and partner Immy complete the package for our budding Beginners.

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