The Ceroc story

From the Eighties to the Noughties – A brief history of Ceroc.
The first ever Ceroc event was hosted in 1980 in Porchester Hall, London by James Cronin. Over the next few years, the popularity of social partner dancing exploded across the London nightclub scene, mainly because lessons were so accessible and achievable for complete dance Beginners.
By the early 90s, Ceroc had spread across the entire UK and the Ceroc Teachers Association began to grow. The best teachers in the dance circuit went through rigorous training and assessment in order to host their own dance lessons and freestyles in their local area.
In the noughties, the reins of Ceroc were handed to Mike Ellard and membership figures climbed to 500,000. The Dance Department, under the new management of Tim Sant-Turner, a qualified school teacher and Dance Education specialist, was reinvented to bring the syllabus it in line with UK Dance curricula.
To this day, the Ceroc management team continue to scrutinise teaching methods, syllabus, dance movement and music styles to ensure members receive a full and varied educational experience in over 250 relaxed and social dance venues across the globe.

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