Tim Sant-Turner, ‘Head Of Dance’

Tim Sant

Here at Ceroc we’re all about the dancing, and who better to oversee our Dance Department than everyone’s favourite party starter Tim. An abundance of energy and enthusiastic ambassador for Ceroc, Tim can be spotted on dance floors across the world. 

Tim started Ceroc age 14 in Leamington Spa. This fateful day, his first ever experience of dance, would pave his future aspirations as a performer and a teacher. Teaching Ceroc was valuable beer money for Tim whilst he completed his Degree in Dance Studies at Roehampton University and his Teacher Training Post-Graduate qualification in Dance Education at Exeter University. 

At 22, Tim found his roots once again working full time as the Head of the Ceroc Dance Department. Setting up residence in London, he reimagined the Ceroc Dance syllabus, and to this day continues to rigorously train all of the new teachers for Ceroc worldwide.

Tim has a wealth of knowledge and a plethora of talents; a well respected teacher, trainer, DJ, competition judge, choreographer and performer, his blood truly runs orange and black. 

“It is easy to trivialise Ceroc as nothing more than a dance class, but it is the people that make our dance truly amazing and their stories that continue to reignite my enthusiasm for my work. I’ve seen people who have struggled to put one foot in front of the other who are now world renowned competition medalists. There are those who lose weight, get fit, and overcome illness and disability. Those who have turned up alone, met their partner, got married and had babies (granted, over a period of time!) People who suffer with stress, anxiety or depression gaining confidence, having fun and making lifelong friends. Those who quite simply want to get out the house, learn a new skill or come out for a social with their mates. Dance is a powerful medium, and Ceroc makes it accessible for everyone.”

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